Maskability Drinking Masks


Welcome to Maskability.

Here you will find a range of fun sociable masks designed for you to talk, drink, laugh. 

As communities around the world emerge from lock-down, socializing will not be the same for some time.

To help you comply with the rules regarding covering your face when seeing friends or

visiting family, we’ve created a range of drinking masks aptly named,

 The Last Straw. 

    • Each mask is made with an eyelet at the front so you can drink (or, vape) with your mask on. 
    • A button-down tab conceals the eyelet when it’s not needed. 
    • These bespoke masks are not medical grade however, every effort has been extended to ensure they are of quality.
    • Made using 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabrics, our masks are washable at 60c
    • A pocket in the mask is designed to take a P2.5 respiratory filter. 
    • When you buy a Maskability Mask, you also receive a washing bag to protect the mask from the rigors of regular washing. 

And, you don’t need to worry how you’ll use our mask either. Maskability Masks come with their own reusable telescopic stainless-steel straw, including a cleaning brush and handy attachable casing. 

Please, browse through our catalog and if you any questions

Choose the best one for you and put your face first.