About Us

The Maskability Kit 

Every Maskability mask is long-lasting and comes with it's own wash bag to ensure multiple uses.
Each mask is included in a kit with a collapsible stainless-steel straw and cleaning brush in a convenient sized attachable casing.
Through providing functional, stylish masks, Maskability aims to make ‘your face first’ a mantra for encouraging people to wear masks.

We Believe:

Buying a mask should be considered with the same social awareness we choose our shopping bags and their impact on the environment. 

Close examination uncovers a market full of opportunists selling what can best be described as tomorrows landfill and adding to the oceans ‘waste crisis’.  In only 3-4 months, huge quantities of PPE, disposable face masks and gloves, are being collected from the seas and beaches of the world. We want to contribute to reducing the by-products of COVID-19 while saving the environment.

Just like shopping bags, Maskability masks are purchased because they represent society’s values regarding the environment, fair labor, and the wearer’s personal preference for comfort and style.

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